Event Medical Cover

Our company is composed by experienced managers in assisting people in all parts of planning from risk assessment to deployment, so we can supply you with cover for any type and size of event in all the UK.

Over the years we have specialised in many different types of events, including equestrian, music and motor-sport events, along with a vast range of corporate events and Festivals.

With a staff composed of professional doctors, paramedics and fully qualified medical technicians, we can guarantee high quality standards in pre hospital care.

Our organisation covers a variety of event and medical services to individuals and businesses with low-cost services. We are sure that your needs can be satisfied, whatever the event, throughout the UK.

We can deliver you quick cover for possible unexpected emergencies via our 24/7 call centre. We will provide a full risks’ analysis and medical service in order to ensure the level of medical cover you require best suits your event.

event_medicalWe are able to provide you an organized patient transport solution: a 24/7 private ambulance service, including:

  1. Patient transport
  2. Emergency medical service
  3. Intensive care transfers
  4. Blood donor transport
  5. Organ donor transport

We can also supply you with all your fire needs, including fire extinguishers, fire marshalls and fire appliances.

Contact us or visit Mace Events UK for further information on event medical cover or to discuss your event needs.