Festive medical cover

ambulance3To protect the health and safety of music festival attendees as well as the organisers, it is of utmost importance that an effective festival medical cover is put in place. Health and safety management should begin at the same time as organising all the other aspects of the event.

The exact needs of an event medical cover depend on a number of factors. These include paramedics, first aid cover for mass gatherings and obtaining advice from the medical service providers.

Most music events are held outdoors in different parts of the country. Summer is one of the busiest times of the year for people who want to attend music festivals. If you are organising a concert this festive season, you will need to consider a number of risks and make the effort to ensure the event is safe for everyone.

When a big group of people gathers for an event, there should be adequate medical cover in place to ensure the crowds’ health and safety. Regardless of the kind of event you are organising, contact us. We offer the most comprehensive medical packages from the planning stage to after-event reporting. We can supply you with the necessary medical requirements including emergency ambulance services that are fully staffed with logistic support as well as experienced first aiders. We ensure that you have the right level of support to meet any medical emergency at any time of the day or night.

When you start searching for the most suitable medical event provider, take into consideration that we are a licensed company that has got the necessary certificates. We provide medical cover for a range of different events, from small gatherings to large shows such as the Glastonbury Festival.

We also provide pre and post event cover using qualified nurses and paramedics so you can rest assured knowing that all your event medical needs are fully met. The clinical nurses are qualified and trained by the NHS and they are supported by a team of qualified emergency responders including paramedics and technicians. By taking advantage of the skilled and experienced first responders, you will be able to organise the safest event for your attendees.