Film / TV Medical Cover

Our company can offer unit medics including Emergency Medical Technicians, nurses, paramedics and doctors to the film / TV and media industries throughout all the UK. Our team will always be equipped to deal promptly and effectively with both serious emergencies and minor injuries, illnesses and ailments on set. Our experience means that we have worked for a long time in the most difficult situations and hostile environments.

Our team will alwfilm_tv_servicesays be disposed of a wide range of equipment, suitable for their skill level. All of units will take the correct medicines for everything; from coughs and colds to cardiac arrest drugs and intra-venous pain killers. For more risky emergencies we can provide ambulances and paramedic standby cover in the unlikely event of serious injury during stunts and other ‘strange and wonderful’ shots.

We can offer the following resources to support our highly qualified staff, if required:

  • Response car
  • Ambulance
  • Rescue